1.) Who ranks as the first President of the United States born in the 20th century?

2.) What man circumnavigated the globe before anyone else?

3.) What name belonged to the first manned mission to land on the moon?

4.) The Minoan civilization began on what Greek island?

5.) The United States Senate condemned whom on January 2nd, 1954?

6.) What government official usually swears in a new President of the United States?

7.) What type of business establishment allegedly served as the United States Marine Corps’ first recruiting station?

8.) Puerto Rico became a territory of the United States after what war?

9.) What law gave 160 acres of unoccupied land to any citizen over 21 years of age willing to live on it for five years?

10.) Workers completed the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 in what Utah city?

11.) The Battle of Fredericksburg occurred during what war?

12.) What President of the United States became the first to install solar panels on the roof of the White House?

13.) What member of a Presidential Cabinet ensures the obedience of the country’s laws?

14.) Most pioneer trails began in what U.S. state?

15.) What small village in Virginia received notoreity as the location where the Confederacy surrendered and the Civil War ended on April 9th, 1865?

16.) The first portion of the Appian Way connected Capua to what ancient city?

17.) John Quincy Adams held what familial relation to John Adams?

18.) Julius Caesar allegedly had whom presented to him in a carpet?

19.) What explorer first introduced oranges and lemons to Florida?

20.) The 1857 Supreme Court case that resulted in a strong pro-slavery stand involved what slave?

1.) John F. Kennedy
2.) Ferdinand Magellan
3.) Apollo 11
4.) Crete
5.) Joseph McCarthy
6.) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
7.) a bar
8.) the Spanish-American War
9.) Homestead Act of 1862
10.) Promontory, UT
11.) American Civil War
12.) Jimmy Carter
13.) Attorney General
14.) Missouri
15.) Appomattox, VA
16.) Rome, Italy
17.) his son
18.) Cleopatra
19.) Juan Ponce de Leon
20.) Dred Scott

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