1.) The protagonist of several Dan Brown novels, Robert Landon teaches at what university?

2.) Characters live in West Egg and East Egg in what F. Scott Fitzgerald novel?

3.) The Jungle Book features what man cub?

4.) Who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

5.) What 19th-century author wrote “The Pit and the Pendulum” and other horror tales?

6.) Flopsy and Mopsy represent what type of animal in the first book by Beatrix Potter?

7.) The subtitle Remembering Jack belonged to the biography of what former President of the United States?

8.) Who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia?

9.) What popular children’s book features characters named Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde and Veruca Salt?

10.) Who wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?

11.) What fable character worked hard all summer long while the fun-loving grasshopper played?

12.) What popular character first appeared as the protagonist of an 1883 children’s novel by Italian author Carlo Collodi?

13.) The line “Before the night has come, have I lived to see the last warrior of the wise race of the Mohicans” concludes what novel?

14.) Who wrote Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

15.) James Joyce based his Ulysses on what ancient work?

16.) In 1900 the Atlantic Monthly published whose “An Odyssey of the North”, his literary breakthrough?

17.) The phrase “heaven knows what was in that bed … I am black and blue!” originates from what Hans Christian Andersen story?

18.) The nickname “The Scottish Play” refers to what Shakespearean play?

19.) Professor James Moriarty antagonizes what literary character?

20.) Achilles killed Hector in single combat in what epic poem?

1.) Harvard University
2.) The Great Gatsby
3.) Mowgli
4.) Harriet Beecher Stowe
5.) Edgar Allan Poe
6.) rabbit
7.) John F. Kennedy
8.) C.S. Lewis
9.) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
10.) Jules Verne
11.) the ant
12.) Pinocchio
13.) The Last of the Mohicans
14.) Tennessee Williams
15.) Odyssey
16.) Jack London
17.) “The Princess and the Pea”
18.) Macbeth
19.) Sherlock Holmes
20.) Iliad

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