1.) Cape Canaveral went by what name between 1963 and 1973?

2.) The name “Seward’s Folly” referred to what land when the United States purchased it in 1867?

3.) What hanging bits of paper confused vote counters in 2000?

4.) The first immigrant to register at Ellis Island when it opened January 1st, 1892, 15-year-old Annie Moore hailed from what country?

5.) Nicknames for what country included “the Gift of the Nile”?

6.) What secret transportation service involved at least 21 states and moved more than 100,000 people during most of the 19th century?

7.) Al Capone mostly funded his criminal empire on what?

8.) What prime minister ruled the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007?

9.) The Titanic sank in what month in 1912?

10.) What ocean ranks as the first that both a ship and a plane crossed?

11.) King Henry VIII had how many wives?

12.) The North held what important military post in the South prior to the American Civil War?

13.) What Kennedy died in Los Angeles, California on June 6th, 1968?

14.) Who became king of Italy in 1804?

15.) Bars selling illegal alcohol during Prohibition went by what name?

16.) What document preceded the Constitution of the United States?

17.) The United States will lease what Cuban naval base until at least 2033?

18.) Paul Revere carried two lanterns to warn approaching troops. Two lanterns conveyed what message?

19.) What U.S. state acted as its own independent nation for 10 years during the 19th century?

20.) What volcano buried the city of Pompeii under ashes and lava in the year 79 C.E.?

1.) Cape Kennedy
2.) Alaska
3.) chads
4.) Ireland
5.) Egypt
6.) Underground Railroad
7.) illegal alcohol
8.) Tony Blair
9.) April
10.) Atlantic Ocean
11.) six wives
12.) Fort Sumter
13.) Robert F. Kennedy
14.) Napoleon Bonaparte
15.) speakeasies
16.) Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union
17.) Guantanamo Bay
18.) the British came by sea
19.) Texas
20.) Vesuvius

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