1.) What ranks as the second-most common element in the sun, ranking just below hydrogen?

2.) Women lack chromosomes with what letter?

3.) What name belongs to rain with particularly low pH values?

4.) Where will a person find a hammer, anvil and stirrup in the body?

5.) Colts always classify as what gender?

6.) What ranks as the largest single bone in the human body?

7.) What “A” word describes the amount of light allowed to pass through a camera lens?

8.) What occurs when the sun and moon appear in conjunction?

9.) The name of what South American money stems from its similar appearance to that of a nocturnal bird?

10.) What common name belongs to members of the Delphinidae family of swimming mammals?

11.) Most lobsters and crayfish perform what task with their shells after molting?

12.) Mount Washington Observatory in what U.S. state recorded the second-highest wind speed ever recorded? (231 mph)

13.) What bird lays the smallest egg in relation to its size?

14.) What animal boasts the world’s largest eyes?

15.) The medical term dyspepsia describes what problem?

16.) A wing’s body typically consists of how many wings attached to its thorax?

17.) What name belonged to the United States’ first Earth-orbiting satellite?

18.) Hepatitis involves the inflammation of what organ?

19.) The Hubble Space Telescope launched in what year?

20.) What 19th-century French scientist discovered the process of milk sterilization?

1.) helium
2.) Y
3.) acid rain
4.) the ear
5.) males
6.) the femur
7.) aperture
8.) solar eclipse
9.) owl monkey
10.) dolphins
11.) they eat their shells
12.) New Hampshire
13.) ostrich
14.) giant squid
15.) indigestion
16.) four wings
17.) Explorer I
18.) liver
19.) 1990
20.) Louis Pasteur

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