1.) The license plate of what U.S. state reads “Great Faces, Great Places”?

2.) The national anthem of what southern country boasts its country’s “land is girt by the sea”?

3.) What flower serves as the state flower of New York?

4.) Camouflage clothing that incorporates real or artificial twigs, leaves and other vegetation to help hunters, snipers and the military blend in with nature go by what name?

5.) What army officers wear two bars on their shoulders?

6.) Women first get pregnant in the United States at what average age? (as of July 2012)

7.) What three-digit number acts as the British equivalent of dialing 911 in the United States?

8.) Manufacturers of touch-tone telephones added what to the device for the first time in 1968?

9.) A standard sized paper clip measures what length when uncoiled?

10.) A soldier must stand before what trial in the Army for severe misconduct?

11.) What ranks highest among United States Army officer ranks?

12.) The average United States engagement lasts how many months? (as of August 2012)

13.) A calendar year may include what maximum number of Friday the 13th?

14.) What might a person expect to eat if invited to a Donner Party?

15.) The Hope Diamond currently lays on exhibit in what location? (as of August 2012)

16.) More people commit suicide on what day of the week than any other according to statistics?

17.) Norway gives out the Nobel Peace Prize. What country gives out all the other Nobel Prizes?

18.) The global population exceeded what milestone on October 31st, 2011?

19.) Many consider what as man’s first celestial observatory?

20.) What turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner made its last commercial flight on October 24th, 2003?

1.) South Dakota
2.) Australia
3.) rose
4.) ghillie suits
5.) captains
6.) 25 years old
7.) 999
8.) * and # buttons
9.) 3.75 inches
10.) court martial
11.) five-star general
12.) 15 months
13.) three Friday the 13ths
14.) people
15.) in the National Gem and Mineral collection at the National Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.
16.) Monday
17.) Sweden
18.) seven billion
19.) Stonehenge
20.) Concorde

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