(B.F.E. stands for Business, Finance & Economy.)

1.) Many publications hailed what company’s Silver Ghost as the best car in the world in 1907?

2.) Founded in 1856, what company introduced a numbering system for U.S. highways in 1917?

3.) Belgium dropped what international currency dating back to 1360 on January 1st, 2002? (Switzerland kept it.)

4.) The “weakling” in the memorable ads for the bodybuilding program of Charles Atlas weighed what amount?

5.) Under guidelines set by the International Standards Organization and the American Standards Institute, a credit card number may contain what maximum number of digits?

6.) Bought out by Chrysler in 1987 and renamed Eagle, what car company – responsible for the Gremlin – ranked as the largest corporate merger in U.S. history at the time of its establishment in 1954?

7.) Procter & Gamble primarily markets what brand of toothbrush?

8.) An 1890 act of Congress states that what can be redesigned no more than once every 25 years?

9.) Formulated in 1953, what brand name’s first purpose entailed “water displacement” to prevent corrosion on missiles?

10.) What computing company merged with Compaq in 2002 despite opposition from the two founders’ families?

11.) What retailer owns toys.com?

12.) The U.S. Steel Corporation founded what Indiana city in 1906 as the home for its new plant?

13.) What franchise trademarked the product entitled Fudgie the Whale?

14.) What U.S. company acquired all Zeppelin patents in 1924?

15.) Invented in 1961 by ice cream makers Reuben and Rose Mattus of the Bronx, what brand name conveys “an aura of the old-world traditions and craftsmanship” yet has no meaning?

16.) What internet corporation went by the name Backrub when it launched in 1996?

17.) What animal appears in the logo for MSN?

18.) What brand owns the website quit.com?

19.) What location represents Pennsylvania on its 2011 America the Beautiful quarter?

20.) What restaurant franchise recently (as of August 2013) became the largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator globally?

1.) Rolls-Royce
2.) Rand McNally
3.) the franc
4.) 97 lbs.
5.) 19 digits
6.) American Motors Corporation
7.) Oral-B
8.) U.S. coins
9.) WD-40
10.) Hewlett-Packard
11.) Toys ‘R’ Us, Inc.
12.) Gary, IN
13.) Carvel
14.) Goodyear
15.) Haagen-Dazs
16.) Google
17.) a butterfly
18.) Nicorette
19.) Gettysburg National Memorial Park
20.) Subway

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