1.) A typical McDonald’s Big Mac bun contains how many sesame seeds?

2.) What leaf of the laurel tree used to flavor soups once allegedly promoted the visions of oracles?

3.) Farmers developed a square watermelon in what country?

4.) Carob yields a sweet pump roasted, ground and used as a substitute for what flavoring?

5.) Foods sold as containing beef in Europe have been found to contain undeclared amounts of what animal – sometimes as much as 100% – as of January 2013?

6.) What fruit comes in such varieties as Rainier, Bing and Sweetheart?

7.) Stuckey’s, a brand of convenience stores, popularized a confectionery log roll covered with what kind of nuts?

8.) Blue Point oysters hail from what ocean?

9.) What fifteen-letter term may describe a person who eats only milk and plant products?

10.) Many consider what distilled spirit named for a town in Mexico as the first produced in North America?

11.) Also called a Montgomery pie, a shoofly pie primarily consists of what ingredient?

12.) What fruit comes in such varieties as Fairytale, Yellow of Paris, and Jack Be Little?

13.) Also called “St. Peter’s fish”, what “T”-name belongs to a species of fish that contains very low levels of mercury and omega-3 fatty acids and ranks as one of the least-healthy fish to eat despite being one of the more popular varieties?

14.)  What fruit flavors Crème d’ananas liqueur?

15.) Beck’s beer hails from what country?

16.) Primarily found in Asia and northern Australia, many people threaten swiftlets because their nests often constitute what delicacy?

17.) What name belongs to beef tenderloin coated with paté and duxelles wrapped in puff pastry and baked?

18.) French’s prepared mustard condiments hail from what country?

19.) Animated mascot Willy the Hillbilly marketed what soda brand?

20.) With seventeen associated schools in the U.S., what French-based company ranks as the world’s largest hospitality education institution?

1.) 178 sesame seeds
2.) bay leaf
3.) Japan
4.) chocolate
5.) horse
6.) cherries
7.) pecans
8.) Atlantic Ocean
9.) lactovegetarian
10.) tequila
11.) molasses
12.) pumpkins
13.) tilapia
14.) pineapple
15.) Germany
16.) soup
17.) Beef Wellington
18.) United States
19.) Mountain Dew
20.) Le Cordon Bleu

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