1.) The first letters from each of what five words constitute the acronym LASER?

2.) Vulcanization makes what material stronger?

3.) What colloquial term refers to a female fox?

4.) Farmers feed chickens what common garden flower to give their skin an appealing golden color?

5.) Weather watchers measure relative humidity with what device(s)?

6.) What layer of the Earth’s atmosphere lies between the troposphere and the mesosphere?

7.) Lacrimation results in the expulsion of what fluid from the human body?

8.) Generally accepted as the world’s largest living organism, scientists classify the General Sherman as what species of tree?

9.) The average cow contains how many stomachs?

10.) What reptile ranks as the world’s largest with an average length of 20 feet and eight inches?

11.) A vitamin C deficiency causes what disease?

12.) The scientific name Struthio camelus – translated into English as “sparrow camel” – refers to what large bird?

13.) Ichthyologists study what?

14.) What method first sent a message across the United States in March 1955?

15.) The molecular fomrula NaHCO3 refers to what compound?

16.) Invented in 1947 by Bell Telephone Laboratories, what semiconductor device spawned pocket-sized radios?

17.) What planet occasionally experiences triple eclipses in which three of its largest moons simultaneously cast shadows on the planet’s surface?

18.) Naturalist Charles Darwin owned what ship?

19.) Google co-founder Larry Page created what device with LEGO bricks while in college?

20.) Dr. Harry Coover discovered what substance in 1942 and subsequently rejected it for its excessive stickiness?

1.) Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation
2.) rubber
3.) a vixen
4.) marigolds
5.) psychrometers or hygrometers
6.) the stratosphere
7.) tears
8.) sequoia
9.) four
10.) the saltwater crocodile
11.) scurvy
12.) the ostrich
13.) fish
14.) facsimile or fax
15.) baking soda or sodium carbonate
16.) the transistor
17.) Jupiter
18.) HMS Beagle
19.) an inkjet printer
20.) superglue

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