1.) An exclamation mark denotes what mathematical operation?

2.) Avogadro’s number – 6.02 * 1023 – equates to one of what unit?

3.) One quart equals how many fluid ounces?

4.) Traits of what type of triangle include at least two sides equal in length?

5.) How many prime numbers exist on the number line between one and 25?

6.) What name belongs to a polygon with six sides?

7.) Raising any number to the “zero power” results in what number?

8.) A score contains how many years?

9.) What 19th century physicist lent his name to the farad, a unit of measurement for electrical capacitance?

10.) Ammeters and galvanometers measure what?

11.) What SI unit for energy took its name from that of an English physicist?

12.) An opisometer measures the length of what type of lines?

13.) What horse racing term approximates the measure of a horse from nose to tail and approximately equals eight feet?

14.) The first derivative of x3 reads as what polynomial?

15.) Colloquially known as the Fields Medal, the International Medal for Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics features what ancient Greek along with his proof concerning the volume of the sphere and the cylinder?

16.) What “F”-term refers to a book size of 15 inches by 12 inches when referring to book formats?

17.) What name belongs to any geometic system not based on the system in “Elements”?

18.) Alexander the Great trained his bematists to measure what on his campaigns?

19.) Developed by William W. Naismith in 1892, Naismith’s rule roughly calculates how long a hiking expedition will take. The rule states to allow one hour for every five kilometers traveled forward; one should also allot an additional hour for how many feet ascended?

20.) Students use what four-letter mnemonic in elementary algebra for the standard method of multiplying two binomials?

1.) factorial
2.) one mole
3.) 32 fl oz
4.) isosceles triangles
5.) nine (two, three, five, seven, 11, 13, 17, 19 and 23)
6.) a hexagon
7.) one
8.) 20 years
9.) Michael Faraday
10.) electrical current
11.) the joule
12.) curved lines
13.) length
14.) 3x2
15.) Archimedes
16.) folio
17.) non-Euclidean geometry
18.) distance
19.) 2,000 ft
20.) FOIL (first, outer, inner, last)

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