1.) Formerly the location of the largest audience at a pop festival according to Guinness World Records, the Summer Jam at Watkins Glen occurred in what year?

2.) What musical contains “Edelweiss”, the last song Oscar Hammerstein II wrote before his death?

3.) The first name of what actor translates from Hawaiian as “cool breeze over the mountain”?

4.) The Tribe fights against conscription into what war in the musical Hair?

5.) The only member of the band whose first marriage ended in a manner other than divorce, what member of the Beatles first married after the others?

6.) E.T. held what job in the Steven Spielberg film on the same name?

7.) The title of the second film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise includes what subtitle?

8.) Julie Roberts explained to Hugh Grant that she “[was] just a girl standing in gront of a boy asking him to love her” in what 1999 film?

9.) The tagline to what 1995 film read “Five criminals. One line up. No coincidence.”?

10.) Bill Murray’s character in the 1984 film Ghostbusters had what full name?

11.) The first letters from each of what four words constitute the acronym MASH when referring to the film and television series?
(note: the title of the television show contains asterisks, but the title of the film omits said asterisks)

12.) What man originally hosted Wheel of Fortune?

13.) The Golden Girls took place in what city?

14.) Homer Simpson’s hair and ear form what initials of his creator?

15.) What Beverly Hills 90210 actor crashed his racecar on the Kentucky Speedway in 2002?’

16.) What rap group features members named Taboo, apl.de.ap and will.i.am?

17.) Dartmouth Technical College expelled what member of the Rolling Stones for truancy?

18.) Standard violin tuning features the highest-pitched string tuned to what note?

19.) What famous guitarist pioneered the solid-body electric guitar with the Gibson guitar company?

20.) Original members of what all-female singing group included LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett?

1.) 1973
2.) The Sound of Music
3.) Keanu Reeves
4.) Vietnam War
5.) Paul McCartney
6.) a botanist
7.) Dead Man’s Chest
8.) Notting Hill
9.) The Usual Suspects
10.) Dr. Peter Venkman
11.) Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
12.) Chuck Woolery
13.) Miami, Florida
14.) M.G. (for Matt Groening)
15.) Jason Priestley
16.) the Black Eyed Peas
17.) Keith Richards
18.) E
19.) Les Paul
20.) Destiny’s Child

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