1.) What African country contains Mount Kilimanjaro?

2.) Notable as the only major city in the United States conceived by a woman, what city ranks as the second-largest in Florida after Jacksonville?

3.) What Ancient Wonder of the World sat approximately 50 miles south of modern Baghdad?

4.) What ranks as the world’s largest desert?

5.) What Arizona city ranks as the sunniest place on Earth as of 2011?

6.) What name belongs to the main vent at the top of a volcano?

7.) What ranks as the world’s largest city proper in terms of population as of 2011?

8.) The highest point of what U.S. state features a lower altitude than any other U.S. state’s highest point?

9.) What African country features the largest area?

10.) Nicknames for what New York, NY location include “the Crossroads of the World”?

11.) What mountain range runs through Morocco and Algeria into Tunisia?

12.) Traveling over the International Date Line from a Monday in Alaska results in a person entering Russia on what day of the week?

13.) Canada comprises how many provinces and territories?

14.) What national capital features an elevation of 11,795 feet above sea level?

15.) What city ranks as Scotland’s largest?

16.) They Might Be Giants taught many that Istanbul once existed as Constantinople, but Constantinople formerly went by what name?

17.) What city might feature people feeding the pigeons in the Piazza San Marco?

18.) Norway’s Jostedalsbreen ranks as northern Europe’s largest example of a what?

19.) The Road to Mandalay leads to what country?

20.) What Scandinavian country reaches the farthest north?

1.) Tanzania
2.) Miami
3.) the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
4.) Antarctica
5.) Yuma, Arizona
6.) a crater
7.) Shanghai, China
8.) Florida
9.) Algeria
10.) Times Square
11.) the Atlas Mountains
12.) Tuesday
13.) 13 total provinces and territories
14.) La Paz, Bolivia
15.) Glasgow
16.) Byzantium
17.) Venice, Italy
18.) a glacier
19.) Myanmar
20.) Norway

One thought

  1. Yet another excellent geography quiz. It contains far more challenging questions than most of the online geography quizzes that I have encountered.


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