1.) “The Last Frontier” adorns the license plates for what U.S. state?

2.) J. Edgar Hoover initiated what national bulletin still in use today?

3.) What term describes a document declaring medical procedure for a person should he become severely incapacitated in situations such as irreversible comas?

4.) A wooden anniversary commemorates how many years of marriage?

5.) Barbie features what surname?

6.) What flightless bird represents New Zealand as its national symbol?

7.) “Reefing” a dinghy’s mainsail entails what?

8.) What ranks as the largest humanitarian network in the world?

9.) The motto “All the news that’s fit to print” markets what publication?

10.) What famous retailer stands where Field & Leiter’s Store stood at the time of the great Chicago Fire?

11.) England, France, Germany, Poland and the United States all share what as their national trees?

12.) What failed to operate in Iceland in July until 1983 or on Thursdays until 1987?

13.) Adapted from British military trousers, what item of clothing takes its name from an Atlantic island?

14.) R.M.S. Titanic featured how many funnels?

15.) What U.S. state features a state flag with different designs on its front and back?

16.) What Roman numerals represent the year 2012?

17.) What animal produces most of the world’s wool?

18.) The world contains how many standard time zones?

19.) In 1987 the infamous “garbage barge” set sail from – and ultimately returned to – what U.S. city?

20.) What rank falls immediately beneath lieutenant junior grade in the United States Navy?

1.) Alaska
2.) the “10 Most Wanted Fugitives” list
3.) a living will
4.) five years
5.) Roberts
6.) the kiwi
7.) reducing its size
8.) the International Red Cross
9.) The New York Times
10.) Macy’s
11.) the oak
12.) television
13.) Bermuda shorts
14.) four
15.) Oregon
16.) MMXII
17.) sheep
18.) 24 standard time zones
19.) New York, NY
20.) ensign

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