1.) What ranks as the oldest corporation in the Western Hemisphere?

2.) What man first issued his namesake one-page catalog in 1872?

3.) A Chinese automotive company purchased what automobile company in 2010?

4.) What corporation once went by the name Quantum Computer Services?

5.) The tagline “coffee at its best” advertised what brand of coffee?

6.) What brand currently owns the Formula 409 brand of home cleaning products?

7.) Essentially the United States’ first “junk mail”, promotional samples of what product went to random addresses across the country in the early 1900s?

8.) Michael Vale portrayed what Dunkin’ Donuts advertising mascot from 1982 until 1997?

9.) What brand currently manufactures and distributes both Listerine antiseptic mouthwash and Sudafed?

10.) What location represents Maryland on its 2013 America the Beautiful quarter?

11.) What location represents New York on its 2015 America the Beautiful quarter?

12.) What country contains the world’s largest oil refinery in terms of output?

13.) What company ranks as the first listed on the New York Stock Exchange?

14.) What ranks as the best-selling personal computer of all time?

15.) Coppertone suntan oil bottles featured what before the introduction of Little Miss Coppertone in 1953?

16.) What U.S. state provides 39% of the United States’ total coal production?

17.) The result of a 1962 promotion, users of what product gave its spokesperson a first name of “Veritably”?

18.) Originally called Danny’s Donuts, what chain opened in 1953?

19.) The advertising slogan “Who made the salad?” marketed what salad dressing brand?

20.) What brand owns vitamins.com?

21.) What automobile company acts as an umbrella over Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini and Porsche?

22.) What car company manufactured the Patrician from 1951 to 1956?

23.) The face of what former President adorns the front of the U.S. $500 bill?

24.) What name belongs to the disembodied glove used in marketing Hamburger Helper?

25.) Scott tissue, Viva paper towels and Depend adult diapers all belong to what parent company?

26.) Products from what company include Cristal and Diamante?

27.) 2012 credit card transactions in the United States averaged at what value?

28.) What corporation markets, develops and manufactures such brands as Bowflex, Schwinn Fitness and StairMaster?

29.) What parent company produces Milk-Bone dog biscuits?

30.) What woman appeared on United States paper currency?

1.) Harvard University
2.) Aaron Montgomery Ward
3.) Volvo
4.) Aol
5.) Nescafé
6.) Clorox
7.) Vicks VapoRub
8.) Fred the Baker
9.) Johnson & Johnson
10.) Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
11.) Saratoga National Historical Park
12.) India
13.) Bank of New York
14.) Commodore 64
15.) a Native American chief
16.) Wyoming
17.) Mr. Clean
18.) Denny’s
19.) Seven Seas
20.) Puritan’s Pride
21.) Volkswagen
22.) Packard
23.) William McKinley
24.) Helping Hand
25.) Kimberly-Clark
26.) Bic
27.) $94.00
28.) Nautilus
29.) Del Monte
30.) Martha Washington

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