1.) A poll conducted by Blowfish and AMP determined what as the most popular – albeit not necessarily the best-selling – beer in the United States?

2.) What ranks as the oldest chocolate company in the United States?

3.) What U.S. state supplies more sweet potatoes than any other?

4.) The production of what candy entails the leftover batch from the day before incorporated into the next day’s batch?

5.) Bay leaves primarily come from what family of trees?

6.) Purple Necco wafers feature what flavor?

7.) Poppin’ Fresh has a wife with what first name?

8.) The “Martha Washington” variety of what vegetable ranks as the most popular?

9.) What layered IBA-official shot comprises coffee liqueur, Irish creme and triple sec?

10.) What chain of fast casual Fresh Mex restaurants debuted in Denver, Colorado in 1995?

11.) Limburger cheese originated during the 19th century in the historical Duchy of Limburg in what present-day country?

12.) What type of fish constitutes iwashi sushi?

13.) The McDonald’s logo in Sedona, AZ features arches of what color?

14.) The Italian bitter liqueur Cynar stems from what vegetable?

15.) A Nordic variety of pretzel, what name belongs to a hand-rolled pastry from Danish pastry dough that rests overnight before shaping, filling and baking?

16.) Pepsi XL featured what distinction from regular Pepsi?

17.) What confectionery company allegedly invented the heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candy box in 1861?

18.) What name befits an alcoholic extract of plant or animal material with an ethanol percentage of at least 25-60%?

19.) A person eats what when placing cock-a-leekie in his mouth?

20.) A Sardinian sheep’s milk cheese, casu marzu notably contains what animal?

21.) Cassava receives what name when dried to a powdery or pearly extract?

22.) The United States Department of Agriculture bestows what two-word term on the highest-quality apples?

23.) Usually served as an appetizer, what dish of thinly-sliced raw meat dressed with a mustard sauce features a name stemming from that of a Venetian painter?

24.) Obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish, what substance, a form of collagen, clarifies both wine and beer?

25.) Named after an Italian opera star, what American dish usually tops spaghetti when served and comprises chicken or seafood, mushrooms, almonds, parmesan cheese and stock vegetables?

26.) Before he founded F & J Heinz in 1876 to produce ketchup, Henry J. Heinz began marketing what condiment, the first to eventually receive promotion under the “57 Varieties” slogan?

27.) Sometimes called Susquehanna Turkey or Pennsylvania Dutch Goose, what foodstuff consists of the lining of a pig stomach?

28.) What U.S. state contains White Horse Tavern, the oldest bar in the country?

29.) A 12 fl. oz. serving of Coca-Cola contains how many calories?

30.) Varieties of what fruit include “bacon”?

1.) Blue Moon
2.) Baker’s Chocolate
3.) North Carolina
4.) Tootsie Roll
5.) laurel trees
6.) clove
7.) Poppie
8.) asparagus
9.) B-52
10.) Qdoba Mexican Grill
11.) Belgium
12.) sardines
13.) turquoise
14.) artichoke
15.) kringle
16.) 50% fewer calories
17.) Cadbury
18.) tincture
19.) soup
20.) maggots
21.) tapioca
22.) extra fancy
23.) carpaccio
24.) isinglass
25.) Tetrazzini
26.) horseradish
27.) hog maw
28.) Rhode Island
29.) 140 calories
30.) avocado

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