1.) The average bushel of corn comprises how many kernels?

2.) Joseph Pulitzer of Pulitzer Prize fame hailed from what country?

3.) A United States area code may be one of how many different three-digit numbers?

4.) United States patents remain in effect for how many years?

5.) According to 2013 boarding totals from the MTA, how many stations exist on the New York Subway?

6.) What nickname belonged to both Union General George Thomas and baseball player Tommy Henrich?

7.) What Carnival Cruise Line ship became stranded in February 2013?

8.) Dialing someone at sea requires what area code?

9.) What organization administers the SAT and the GREs?

10.) What wildlife first appeared on a postage stamp in the United States before any other?

11.) The Staten Island ferry appears what color?

12.) A Boeing 747-400 holds what maximum fuel capacity?

13.) What U.S. state has a official state fossil of an animal that still exists?

14.) What Ohio city debuted the first police car – featuring a top speed of 16 miles per hour –  in the United States in 1899?

15.) What brand owns the website scotch.com?

16.) What brand owns the website pickles.com?

17.) What brand owns the website baking.com?

18.) What entertainer won an Emmy, the Mark Twain Prize and the Spingarn Medal?

19.) Responsible for the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund, what name belongs to the International Organization of Women Pilots?

20.) Since 1879 the paper used for United States currency predominantly comes from what family-owned company?

21.) What U.S. state as of July 2013 has the most alternate-fuel cars per capita, yet also eats the fewest fruits and vegetables per capita?

22.) The name “Minnie” acts as a diminutive form of what feminine name?

23.) The burial place of Johnny Appleseed, what U.S. state has the most trash per capita?

24.) What acts as the national animal of Scotland?

25.) The 1974 Oldsmobile Toronado Broughman became the first consumer car to offer what feature as an option?

26.) Residents of what U.S. state use the least energy per capita?

27.) Moonraker and skyscraper represent two different types of what nautical equipment?

28.) Full moons occurring in August traditionally receive what “fishy” nickname?

29.) More Americans choke on what non-food item than any other?

30.) Comprised of crushed stone, gravel or similar materials, what name belongs to the aggregate that forms the trackbed upon which railroad ties lie?

1.) 90,000 kernels
2.) Hungary
3.) 792 three-digit numbers
4.) 17 years
5.) 421 stations (the 7 line expanded since I asked this question, however)
6.) Old Reliable
7.) Triumph
8.) 870
9.) Educational Testing Service
10.) buffalo
11.) orange
12.) 57,285 gallons
13.) Vermont
14.) Akron, OH
15.) Johnnie Walker
16.) Claussen
17.) Land O’Lakes
18.) Bill Cosby
19.) the 99s
20.) Crane & Co.
21.) Oklahoma
22.) Wilhelmina
23.) Indiana
24.) unicorn
25.) air bag
26.) New York
27.) sails
28.) Sturgeon Moon
29.) a toothpick
30.) track ballast

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