1.) Computer programs Deep Fritz, Deep Junior and Deep Blue played against champions in what board game?

2.) What three-letter term refers to the employees’ side of a casino table?

3.) All but which one of the four kings in a standard deck of cards features a moustache?

4.) What name belongs to the process of creating fabric from a woolen yarn using a single hook?

5.) Atari’s 1972 ball-and-paddle arcade game went by what four-letter name?

6.) What occurs after a player rolls three consecutive doubles in Monopoly?

7.) The New York Times intends for its daily crossword to be easiest on what day of the week?

8.) What fictional character stars in the Tomb Raider series of video games?

9.) Requiring the NES Zapper, what video game joined Super Mario Bros. as a bundled game with the Nintendo Entertainment System during its release in the late 1980s?

10.) What electronics corporation created the PlayStation video game console?

11.) In 1966 rival companies accused what Milton Bradley of being “sex in a box”?

12.) A standard game of Yahtzee contains how many rounds of play?

13.) One of the tiles constituting the first word placed on a Scrabble game board must cover the square with what symbol on it?

14.) A standard four-square playing area consists of how many squares?

15.) A player tries to defeat what kind of animal in the mobile game Angry Birds?

16.) The game frolf involves what toys?

17.) What color designates the one ball in billiards?

18.) According to the 15th edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette, a host should delay dinner for what maximum amount of time for a late guest?

19.) Popular in the 1920s, what Chinese game features 136 tiles and a structure similar to rummy?

20.) In 1959 the Ohio Art toy company received the rights to L’Ecran Magique – “the Magic Writer” – and renamed it to what name still used today?

1.) chess
2.) pit
3.) the king of hearts
4.) crochet
5.) Pong
6.) that player goes to jail
7.) Monday
8.) Lara Croft
9.) Duck Hunt
10.) Sony Corporation
11.) Twister
12.) 13 rounds
13.) the star
14.) five squares
15.) pigs
16.) flying discs
17.) yellow
18.) 20 minutes
19.) mahjong
20.) Etch A Sketch

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