1.) What mythical agate-laying creature possesses the body of a lion and the wings, talons and head of an eagle?

2.) What saint allegedly landed in Ireland in A.D. 432?

3.) Devout Buddhists seek what ultimate spiritual state?

4.) What name belongs to a traditional Jewish religious circumcision ceremony?

5.) Each sign of the Zodiac represesents how many degrees of the sky?

6.) David slayed Goliath with what weapon?

7.) Samson primarily received his strength from what physical feature?

8.) What U.S. city featured a synagogue before any other city in the country?

9.) What collective name in Greek mythology referred to Boreas, Zephyrus, Notus and Eurus?

10.) Whose wife turned into a pillar of salt in Genesis 19:26?

11.) The name of what country stems from the name of the heartland of the Aztec empire?

12.) What legendary Swiss hero shot an apple off his son’s head using a bow and arrow?

13.) Raised by a magician, what legendary king counted Sir Lancelot among his knights?

14.) What Biblical event caused Noah to build his ark and put two of every living creature on board?

15.) What name belongs to the main house of worship in an Islamic city?

16.) The Greek god Dionysus gave what Phrygian king the power to turn all he touched into gold?

17.) What name describes both a household cleanser and a fallen Trojan War hero?

18.) The name of what figure from Greek mythology describes the complex in which a son falls in love with his mother?

19.) Zacchaeus climbs a tree in the New Testament to attain a better view of what man?

20.) What U.S. city contains the Mormon Tabernacle?

1.) a griffin
2.) St. Patrick
3.) nirvana
4.) brit milah or bris
5.) 30 degrees
6.) a slingshot
7.) his hair
8.) New York City
9.) chief Anemoi
10.) Lot’s wife
11.) Mexico
12.) William Tell
13.) King Arthur
14.) the Great Flood
15.) a mosque
16.) King Midas
17.) Ajax
18.) Oedipus
19.) Jesus
20.) Salt Lake City, UT

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