1.) Buzz Aldrin had what first name?

2.) License plates from what U.S. state read “Vacationland”?

3.) The Alaskan state flag features how many stars?

4.) What Chicago attraction required one million gallons of seawater shipped to it in 1930?

5.) Workers constructed RMS Titanic in what Irish city?

6.) What name belongs to the loop on a belt adjacent to the buckle that holds the tip of the belt in place?

7.) What animals produce cashmere wool?

8.) The Goodyear Blimp reaches what maximum speed assuming optimum conditions?

9.) The 1970s saw the introduction of what fashion item to the Hawaiian islands?

10.) Occurring annually on the first Saturday of August, a Middletown, Wisconsin celebration commemorates what spice?

11.) What percentage of the United States’ population qualifies as “rural”?

12.) One must place in what percentile on a standardized test to qualify as a member of Mensa?

13.) Oneida, New York contains the world’s smallest what?

14.) A standard Chinese abacus comprises how many rows of beads?

15.) The letter “B” refers to what word when describing a camera’s shutter speed?

16.) The domain for what country ranks second behind “.com” in terms of Internet domain popularity?

17.) Who ranks as the first commoner pictured on a British stamp?

18.) What Greek philosopher wandered the streets with a lantern looking for an honest man?

19.) A person would most likely end up stricken by lightning in what U.S. state?

20.) What percentage of murders between 1982 and 2012 occurred via handgun?

21.) Authorities found what University of Wyoming student tied to a fence after a savage beating on October 7th, 1998?

22.) The only U.S. state to undergo such an activity since 19634, what U.S. state changed its official Post Office abbreviation when the USPS introduced two-letter postal desginations?

23.) What oil-rich Arab sheikdom auctioned off vanity license plate “1” for $14 million at a charity auction in 2008?

24.) What U.S. state features a median age less than 30 years old?

25.) The term “Juliettes” refers to what members of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America?

26.) What U.S. state features a state motto in Spanish?

27.) The Hope Diamond measures at what carat weight?

28.) Panama hats hail from what country?

29.) What U.S. state ranks as the only one with a state-wide ban on concealed carry as of November 2012?

30.) The only U.S. state capital without a McDonald’s restaurant within its borders, what U.S. state capital ranks as its least-populated?

1.) Edwin
2.) Maine
3.) eight stars
4.) Shedd Aquarium
5.) Belfast
6.) keeper
7.) goats
8.) 53 miles per hour
9.) grass skirts
10.) mustard
11.) 20%
12.) the 98th percentile
13.) church
14.) 13 rows of beads
15.) bulb
16.) Germany
17.) William Shakespeare
18.) Diogenes
19.) Florida
20.) 67%
21.) Matthew Shepard
22.) Nebraska
23.) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
24.) Utah
25.) members belonging to the organization as individuals rather than members of a troop
26.) Montana
27.) 45.52 carats
28.) Ecuador
29.) Illinois
30.) Montpelier, VT


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