(B.F.E. stands for “Business, Finance & Economy”.)

1.) What ranks as the largest denomination of bill ever officially circulated by the United States?

2.) Sweden’s 10-daler coin – the heaviest coin ever put in circulation – weighs what amount?

3.) As of July 2011 what European country ranks as the richest of its continent in terms of gross domestic product and as fifth overall with a GDP of $2.86 trillion?

4.) The stock ticker symbol KO represents what company?

5.) According to an April 2011 article of 24/7 Wall Street, what large United States company hired more workers in newly-created positions than any other, creating 60,000 new positions between 2009 and 2011?

6.) Despite its huge oil reserves, what South American country ranks as the continent’s poorest?

7.) Premier Lee Kuan Yew led what nation for 34 years and turned it into the seventh-wealthiest country by 1996?

8.) The advertising slogan “eventually … why not now?” marketed what brand of foodstuff?

9.) What former President of the United States became the first to promote the nation’s developing textile industry by wearing a suit from America-manufactured fabric to his inauguration?

10.) What feature first came with fifth-generation iPods?

11.) The initials CVS refer to what three words?

12.) What first name befits Mr. Peanut, the monocle-clad Planters Peanuts mascot?

13.) What city offered the first commercially-produced sunglasses in the United States?

14.) The first infomercial aired on American television appeared in 1984 and marketed what product?

15.) What represents Colombia’s top export?

16.) As of April 2012, the average United States college student accrued what loan debt?

17.) The acronym FICO refers to what three words?

18.) What Asian country exports the most black pepper?

19.) What original candy-inspired name marketed the product now known as ex-lax?

20.) What American labor leader acted as president of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union between 1932 and 1966?

21.) In the 1750s the English introduced glue made primarily from what type of animal?

22.) What country contains the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund?

23.) What U.S. state ranks as the only one with a state-owned bank?

24.) How many stars appear on the reverse side of a Sacagawea dollar coin?

25.) How many bills constitute one pound of United States banknotes? (All bills weigh the same.)

26.) All the signatures on the $670 million in United States paper currency authorized by Congress in 1861 shared what trait?

27.) What United States city became the first post-Depression era city to default on its loans, owing $14 million to local banks on December 16th, 1978?

28.) What country produces 25% of the world’s wool?

29.) Born in 1874 in Campbell, New York, Thomas J. Watson acted as CEO and chairman of what company for 42 years?

30.) A company on the stock market features what deficiency if its ticker symbol features the letter “E” attached to the end?

1.) $100,000 bill
2.) 43 lbs. 7 oz.
3.) Germany
4.) Coca-Cola
5.) The Home Depot
6.) Bolivia
7.) Singapore
8.) Gold Medal Flour
9.) George Washington
10.) video playback
11.) Consumer Value Stores
12.) Percy
13.) Atlantic City, NJ
14.) Herbalife
15.) crude oil
16.) $24,000 per student
17.) Fair Isaac Corporation
18.) Vietnam
19.) Bo-Bo
20.) David Dubinsky
21.) fish
22.) United States
23.) North Dakota
24.) 17 stars
25.) 454 bills
26.) hand-signed by the clerks of the Treasury Department
27.) Cleveland, OH
28.) Australia
29.) IBM
30.) that company filed its reports to the SEC late … or not at all

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