1.) Who became a household name in TV dinners after inventing a frozen food process?

2.) Paul Newman recruited whom to conduct a blind taste test of his salad dressing before he marketed it in 1982?

3.) As of November 2015, what city has more Starbucks locations than any other in the world?

4.) What U.S. states grows more potatoes than any other U.S. state apart from Idaho?

5.) What mass-marketed food in the United States ranks as the first to include the “circle-U” kosher logo on its label?

6.) Peanut butter must comprise at least what percentage of peanuts in order to receive the label of “peanut butter” according to federal law?

7.) A single Hershey’s Kiss contains how many calories?

8.) Munich’s Oktoberfest primarily occurs during what month?

9.) Candying and glazing what nut constitutes a marron glace?

10.) Unilever currently owns what brand of ice cream originally from Youngstown, OH?

11.) What ranks as the oldest brewery in North America?

12.) Warheads candy primarily receives its strong sour flavor from a powdered coating of what acid?

13.) One magnum of champagne equals how many standard-sized bottles?

14.) The Girl Scouts of the United States of America first sold their Girl Scout Cookies in what year?

15.) The Calabrese ranks as the most common variety of what vegetable in the United States?

16.) Botanically classified as a berry, varieties of what fruit include Black Beauty, Long Purple and Little Spooky?

17.) The subject of its own festival, Natchitoches meat pie holds the title of the official meat pie of what U.S. state?

18.) Under federal guidelines, a product must contain no more than what amount of sodium per serving in order to receive the title “low sodium”?

19.) English nicknames for what breakfast dish include “Poor Knights of Windsor”?

20.) The label for what brand of beer markets it as “Belgium’s original beer”?

21.) A traditional Cobb salad includes what cheese?

22.) Nicknames for what Wisconsin city include “Bratwurst Capital of the World”?

23.) What trademark-protected English cheese may only come from three adjacent counties?

24.) What U.S. state features the highest binge drinking rate?

25.) The process of “jimmyskidding” involves extracting alcohol out of what substance?

26.) The first product of its kind, what ready-mix breakfast debuted in 1889?

27.) What two-word French term describes a dark-hued sausage containing pork, pig blood and other ingredients?

28.) One of Vienna’s most famous culinary specialties, Sachertorte comprises chocolate cake filled with what fruit’s jam?

29.) Lamberts represent a red, heart-shaped variety of what pitted fruit?

30.) What jarred confection ranks as the most popular product from Durkee-Mower, Inc.?

1.) Clarence Birdseye
2.) Martha Stewart
3.) Seoul, South Korea (284 locations)
4.) Washington
5.) Heinz Vegetarian Baked Beans
6.) at least 90%
7.) 26 calories
8.) September
9.) chestnut
10.) Good Humor
11.) Molson Coors Canada
12.) malic acid
13.) two bottles
14.) 1917
15.) broccoli
16.) eggplant
17.) Louisiana
18.) 140 mg per serving
19.) French toast
20.) Stella Artois
21.) Roquefort cheese
22.) Sheboygan, WI
23.) Blue Stilton
24.) Wisconsin
25.) shoe polish
26.) Aunt Jemima Pancakes
27.) boudin noir
28.) apricot
29.) cherries
30.) Marshmallow Fluff

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