1.) A Philadelphia Warrior at the time, basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game versus the New York Knicks on March 2nd, 1962.  The rest of his team accumulated how many points in that game?

2.) What Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player wore No. 4 for the New York Yankees and became the first player whose number saw retirement?

3.) In 2004 the Montreal Expos relocated and became what current Major League Baseball team?

4.) Held in the largest stadium venue in the world, what event typically occurs over Memorial Day weekend and features winners traditionally consuming a bottle of milk?

5.) What action should a NASCAR driver perform if he sees a black flag waving?

6.) What sport acts as the official state sport of Alaska?

7.) What name belongs to the oldest major trophy for which North American athletes compete?

8.) What name belongs to a ball on a wire thrown in an Olympic event?

9.) What athlete first played in both a World Series and a Super Bowl?

10.) What boxer connected on 440 punches yet still lost to Muhammad Ali in a 1975 fight?

11.) Jesse Owens held the world record for 25 years in what event, an event in which Bob Beamon held the record for 23 years?

12.) The names of how many active Major League Baseball teams allude to four-legged animals?

13.) Scoring an albatross in golf refers to how many strokes under par?

14.) The Associated Press named what javelin thrower, high jumper, base runner and golfer as the greatest female athlete of the first half of the 20th century?

15.) Who steers the shell and motivates rowers in a crew race?

16.) What ranks as Major League Baseball’s oldest park still used today?

17.) Who pitched the entire 14-inning second game of the 1916 World Series for the Boston Red Sox?

18.) The name of what sport – the national sport of South Korea – translates to “the way of the hand and the foot”?

19.) The nickname “Tom Terrific” belonged to what American baseball player and Cy Young Award winner?

20.) Curling originated in Scotland in what century?

1.) 69 points
2.) Lou Gehrig
3.) Washington Nationals
4.) the Indianapolis 500
5.) pull over into the pit
6.) dog mushing
7.) the Stanley Cup (since 1893)
8.) a hammer
9.) Deion Sanders
10.) Joe Frazier
11.) long jump
12.) two
13.) three under par
14.) Babe Didrikson-Zaharias
15.) the coxswain
16.) Fenway Park
17.) Babe Ruth
18.) taekwondo
19.) Tom Sawyer
20.) the 16th century

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