1.) One of the most densely populated regions of the world, the name of what island on the Pearl River delta translates to “fragrant harbor?

2.) What astrological chart takes its name from the Greek word for “circle of little animals?

3.) Gymnophobia represents the fear of what?

4.) What Spanish-speaking country features a larger population than any other?

5.) What “P” term refers to an electric guitar’s transducers?

6.) The name of what 20th-century poet reads as an anagram of “toilets”?

7.) The British English term “mudguards” refers to what on American bicycles?

8.) Loosely equivalent to the North American term “cowboy”, what “G” term describes residents of South American lowlands?

9.) The name of what Asian country translates to “land of the Bengals”?

10.) Adopted into the English language during World War II, what Japanese word translates to “divine wind”?

11.) What six-letter “V” term refers to the endpoint of an angle?

12.) The name of what fabric stems from the Hindustani and Urdu word for “soil-colored”

13.) The Latin phrsae “e pluribus unum” translates into English as what?

14.) The term “ovine” refers to what animal?

15.) What name belongs to either of the terms at the head of a dictionary page indicating the alphabetically-first and -last words on said page?

16.) What word completes this analogy?
100 years : centennial :: 150 years : ____________

17.) What two-word Latin phrase roughly translates to “solid ground”?

18.) A samurai who commits seppuku committed what act?

19.) The Oakland, California school district passed a resolution on December 18th, 1996 officially declaring what as a language or dialect?

20.) What “J” term refers to a type of carpenter who cuts and fits joints in wood without the use of nails, screws or other metal fasteners?

1.) Hong Kong
2.) zodiac
3.) nudity
4.) Mexico
5.) pickups
6.) T.S. Eliot
7.) fenders
8.) gauchos
9.) Bangladesh
10.) kamikaze
11.) the vertex
12.) khaki
13.) “out of many, one”
14.) sheep
15.) guide words
16.) sesquicentennial
17.) terra firma
18.) disembowelment of himself to rid himself of shame
19.) Ebonics
20.) a joiner

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