1.) Five kings, four queens and 70 prime ministers and presidents attended whose 2005 funeral?

2.) What mythological figure used artificial wings to fly from imprisonment?

3.) Hercules carried out how many labors of penance?

4.) The highest peak in Turkey, what location allegedly contains Noah’s Ark?

5.) According to German folklore, the siren Lorelei jumped off a rock to her death after waiting for her lover on said rock at the narrowest and shallowest point of what European river?

6.) What Biblical character tempted others with the empty promise that their “eyes shall be opened, and [they] shall be as gods, knowing good and evil”?

7.) What collective name describes the first five books of the Old Testament?

8.) A Roman Catholic clergyman wearing a violet zucchetto or skullcap holds what ecclesiastic rank?

9.) What Native American tribe believed that Hiawatha united their people in the 15th century and achieved a lasting peace?

10.) What animal allegedly suckled both Romulus and Remus?

11.) The words “apple” and “snake” each appear how many times in the King James version of the Book of Genesis?

12.) Literature from the 1200s to today depicts what as either a type of dish, a talismanic stone and/or a woman?

13.) What book of the Old Testament tells the tale of Moses parting the Red Sea?

14.) The Greek goddess Hera allegedly gave what bird its eyes?

15.) What name belonged to 23 Popes – more than any other – and most recently belonged to a Pope from more than 40 years ago?

16.) The drapes and altar cloths of many churches during Lent usually come in what color?

17.) The head of a goat and the tail of a fish represent what sign of the zodiac?

18.) A teacher to both Jason and Achilles, Chiron represented what four-legged mythological creature?

19.) What sea nymph detained Odysseus for seven years?

20.) What animal – the shortest-named of the 12 – appears between the rat and the tiger in the Chinese Zodiac?

1.) Pope John Paul II’s funeral
2.) Icarus
3.) 12
4.) Mount Ararat
5.) the Rhine
6.) the serpent
7.) the Pentateuch or the Torah
8.) bishop or archbishop
9.) the Iroquois
10.) a wolf
11.) zero times apiece
12.) the Holy Grail
13.) Exodus
14.) the peacock
15.) John
16.) purple or violet
17.) Capricorn
18.) a centaur
19.) Calypso
20.) the ox

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