1.) The “dead man’s hand” comprises what cards?

2.) Adding all the digits present on a traditional, filled Sudoku board results in what sum?

3.) What letter of the English alphabet gives a player eight points in the English version of Scrabble and four points in the Danish version, yet remains absent from the Italian edition?

4.) What slang term for an ace-high straight in poker shares its name with a road in New York City?

5.) How many squares constitute a checkerboard? (standard-sized squares; no “magic square” tricks)

6.) A standard Monopoly game comes with how many green houses?

7.) How many cards constitute an Uno deck?

8.) Cub Scouts race handmade cars in what competition?

9.) What name belongs to the three cards turned over in the middle of a game of Texas Hold ‘Em?

10.) What popular amusement park ride debuted at Chicago’s Columbian Exposition in 1893?

11.) What one of the four theme parks built at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida opened on May 1st, 1989?

12.) The object of what board game involves the use of a miniature plastic tap-hammer to knock out all the blocks except for the one beneath an ice-skating polar bear?

13.) May 2015 logged 149.57 million active users on what popular Facebook game?

14.) What handheld electronic game involves team members guessing a word displayed on a plastic disk before time elapses?

15.) Possessing 10 or more victory points during a player’s turn results in victory according to the rules of what board game?

16.) Most billiards tables feature a No. 5 ball of what color?

17.) Microsoft first released the Xbox 360 video game console in what year?

18.) What children’s toy advertised in the 1990s using the slogan “The Very Best Thing of All, There’s a Counter on the Ball”?

19.) Although only present on a collectible not sold in stores, a special-edition 2011 Barbie drew the ire of some parents because the doll included what feature?

20.) The advertising slogan for the popular 1990s children’s toy Sock’em Boppers claimed the titular objects “[were] more fun than a” what two-word phrase?

1.) two aces and two eights (The fifth card varies.)
2.) 405
3.) J
4.) Broadway
5.) 64 squares
6.) 32 houses
7.) 108 cards
8.) the Pinewood Derby
9.) the flop
10.) the Ferris wheel
11.) Disney’s Hollywood Studios
12.) Don’t Break the Ice
13.) Candy Crush Saga
14.) Catch Phrase
15.) Catan
16.) orange
17.) 2005
18.) Skip-It
19.) a permanent tattoo
20.) pillow fight

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