1.) What colloquial name belonged to the Normandy Landings planned for May 1st, 1944?

2.) The second wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn died on May 19th, 1536 by what method?

3.) Accused of violating Tennessee’s Butler Act, authorities indicted John Scopes for teaching what in his classroom?

4.) The fourth-largest city in the United States at the time, a devastating fire broke out in October 1871 what U.S. city?

5.) What 11th-century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman rode naked through the streets of Coventry, England in order to oppose the high taxes imposed by her husband?

6.) Most commonly known for his midnight rides, Paul Revere held what occupation?

7.) What man founded the city of Philadephia?

8.) World War II ended in what year?

9.) Howard Carter discovered whose tomb in 1922?

10.) What name befit Germany’s World War II submarines?

11.) Who became Prime Minister of Cuba in 1959?

12.) Authorities first permitted what Japanese warriors the ability to carry two swords: one long and one short?

13.) The Chinese rebelled against what in the Boxer Rebellion of the early 1900s?

14.) What former President of the United States held a televised news conference before any other?

15.) Juba marks the capital city of what country that declared its independence on July 9th, 2011?

16.) British forces caught what Revolutionary War spy from Connecticut after only a few days on the job?

17.) Two Sikh bodyguards assassinated what Indian prime minister?

18.) The disability of what former President of the United States resulted in the White House becoming wheelchair-accessible?

19.) In 1945 the United Nations replaced what intergovernmental organization?

20.) The final defeat of Napoleon occurred at what battle?

1.) D-Day
2.) beheading
3.) the theory of evolution
4.) Chicago
5.) Lady Godiva
6.) silversmith
7.) William Penn
8.) 1945
9.) Tutankhamun’s tomb
10.) U-boats
11.) Fidel Castro
12.) samurai
13.) foreign influence
14.) John F. Kennedy
15.) South Sudan
16.) Nathan Hale
17.) Indira Gandhi
18.) Franklin D. Roosevelt
19.) the League of Nations
20.) the Battle of Waterloo

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