1.) David Beckham typically plays soccer in what position?

2.) FIFA will retire the current World Cup in 2038 for what stated reason?

3.) What famous Scottish golf club boasts the world’s oldest miniature golf course: the Ladies Putting Club?

4.) What decade saw the introduction of golf carts to the United States?

5.) Who swatted 54 homers in the first year that Major League Baseball banned the spitball?

6.) What California-born figure skater overcame a club foot to win Olympic women’s figure skating gold at the 1992 Winter Olympics?

7.) What U.S. state contains the National Ski and Snowboarding Hall of Fame?

8.) What modern event equates to a sport in the ancient Olympics requiring participants to carry hand weights that they swung to increase momentum?

9.) What 14th seed became Wimbledon’s lowest-ranked female title winner in 2005?

10.) Basketball was invented in December 1891 by what Y.M.C.A. instructor?

11.) Who held the women’s tennis record-breaking winning streak of 74 games in 1984?

12.) What American banged his head on the diving board en route to a 1988 Olympic gold medal?

13.) Curlers slide “stones” at targets called what?

14.) What figure skating jump involves a launch from the back edge of one skate, a full rotation and a landing on the back edge of the other skate?

15.) Shaquille O’Neal swore in as a reserve police officer in what city in 2005, assuming a $1/year salary?

16.) Jim Thorpe won double gold in the Olympics in what decade?

17.) Who owned the Chicago White Sox during the 1919 Black Sox scandal?

18.) “Glide” and “spin” represent the main styles of what Olympic field event?

19.) What 1996 Olympic event had two United States teams playing each other for the gold medal?

20.) What horse ranked as the Daily Racing Form‘s Horse of the Year in 1938?

1.) midfielder
2.) the name plaque will be full
3.) St. Andrews
4.) the 1940s
5.) Babe Ruth
6.) Kristi Yamaguchi
7.) Michigan
8.) the long jump
9.) Venus Williams
10.) Dr. James Naismith
11.) Martina Navratilova
12.) Greg Louganis
13.) houses
14.) the lutz
15.) Miami, FL
16.) the 1910s
17.) Charles Cominsky
18.) shot put
19.) beach volleyball
20.) Seabiscuit

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