1.) What “H”-word refers to the “designing, displaying and describing coats-of-arms and badges”?

2.) What “P”-term refers to a victory gained at a great loss?

3.) According to the literal Native American translation, “Chicago” means “home of the” what?

4.) An agaricologist studies what?

5.) What five-letter name refers to either a young, carnivorous animal or a puppy?

6.) What word represents the singular form of “timpani”?

7.) The name “chonmage” refers to a sumo wrestler’s what?

8.) The name of what chemical element found in seawater stems from the Greek for “violet”?

9.) The Canary Islands received their collective name from what animals?

10.) The name of what “A” type of athlete became synonymous with “toxophilite”?

11.) A row of three or four dots receives what grammatical name?

12.) What name befits a male ballerina?

13.) What name belongs to a verb ending in “-ing” acting as a noun?

14.) The French phrase “nom de plume” translates as what?

15.) The Dead Sea Scrolls only featured what punctuation?

16.) The air pollution term known as “vog” represents a portmanteau of “volcanic” and what word?

17.) The initialism UPS refers to what three words in computer technology?

18.) What word represents the singular form of “data”?

19.) The name of what model of Volkswagen automobile appears in the International Radio Alphabet?

20.) “Bethlehem” translates as what in English?

1.) heraldry
2.) a pyrrhic victory
3.) onions
4.) fungal fruiting bodies
5.) whelp
6.) timpano
7.) hair topknot
8.) iodine
9.) dogs
10.) archer
11.) an ellipsis
12.) a ballerino
13.) a gerund
14.) “pen name” or pseudonym
15.) paragraph indentations
16.) smog
17.) uninterruptible power supply
18.) datum
19.) Golf
20.) “house of bread”

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