1.) People constructed what Biblical structure in the Book of Genesis in a Mesopotamian land of unknown boundaries known as Shinar?

2.) The Torah considers what insects as the only kosher invertebrates?

3.) Who killed the Minotaur according to Greek mythology?

4.) Spain’s patron saint, what Apostle allegedly lays in northwestern Spain?

5.) What mythological figure acts as the Greek god of merriment and wine?

6.) What mythical figure fell in love with his own reflection?

7.) God created all creatures that walk upon the land on what ordinal day?

8.) What ranks as the oldest Japanese religion?

9.) Who acts as the Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess Athena?

10.) The followers of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi organized a spinning sect called Mawlawiyah; people more commonly refer to this sect by what name in the West?

11.) Called the Angelic Doctor, what saint and great figure of scholasticism developed the official Roman Catholic philosophy?

12.) What creature protected the golden fleece in the myth of Jason and the Argonauts?

13.) Italy has produced more Popes than any other country; what country ranks second?

14.) Chosen Jehovah’s Witnesses include approximately how many people?

15.) The King James version of the Bible contains how many Books?

16.) Observant Jews attend how many religious services during Yom Kippur?

17.) The Book of Psalms contains how many Psalms?

18.) What Biblical figure and King of Israel built the great Temple in Jerusalem?

19.) Adam almost married what she-demon before meeting Eve according to Jewish folklore?

20.) Argus – the mythical giant guardian of the heifer Io – has how many eyes?

1.) the Tower of Babel
2.) locusts
3.) Theseus
4.) James
5.) Dionysus
6.) Narcissus
7.) the sixth day
8.) Shinto
9.) Minerva
10.) Whirling Dervishes
11.) St. Thomas Aquinas
12.) the Lernaean Hydra
13.) France
14.) 144,000 people
15.) 66 Books
16.) five religious services
17.) 150 Psalms
18.) King Solomon
19.) Lilith
20.) 100 eyes

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