1.) The French brandy Calvados derives from what fruit?

2.) Swiss candle maker Daniel Peter first added what liquid to chocolate in 1867?

3.) Goulash originated in what country that produces 40% of the world’s paprika?

4.) Tangelos consist of hybrids between tangerines and what other citrus fruit?

5.) What seven-letter, semi-soft Danish cheese comprises cow’s milk and dill flavoring?

6.) Twinkies comprise what percentage of air by volume?

7.) What country contains the most cattle?

8.) Bartenders often serve what alcoholic drink at the Kentucky Derby?

9.) What vegetable comes in such varieties as Bell Tower, Big Bertha and Clovis?

10.) The name of what brand of scotch-based liqueur stems from the Gaelic for “the drink that satisfies”?

11.) According to researchers, what nut contains more naturally-occurring radioactive material than any other commonly-consumed food item?

12.) A South American delicacy, the Vatican declared what water-dwelling rodent a fish so it could be eaten during Lent?

13.) Commercially-produced Balsamic Vinegar of Modena ranks on a system of Vine Leaves as determined by Italian accredited certification body CSQA.  Balsamic vinegar of the highest quality receives a rating of how many Vine Leaves?

14.) A Big Mac comprises how many layers?

15.) What company sells the brands Dinty Moore, SPAM and Jennie-O?

16.) The name “Brad’s Drink” originally marketed what current soda brand?

17.) The snack called InsectNside features what arachnids in amber-colored candy?

18.) The Pisco Sour comprises bitters, sugar, lime juice, egg whites and Pisco, an example of what grape spirit?

19.) What dish contains lobster, butter, cream, cognac, sherry, eggs and Cayenne pepper?

20) Created in 1930 and presently owned by The Hershey Company, what candy bar’s two main ingredients consist of peanut butter and toasted coconut?

1.) apple
2.) milk
3.) Hungary
4.) pomelos or grapefruits
5.) havarti
6.) 68%
7.) India
8.) mint julep
9.) pepper
10.) Drambuie
11.) Brazil nut
12.) capybara
13.) four Vine Leaves
14.) 13 layers
15.) Hormel
16.) Pepsi
17.) scorpions
18.) brandy
19.) Lobster Newberg
20.) Zagnut

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