(B.F.E. stands for Business, Finance and Economy)

1.) What company uses the stock ticker symbol MMM?

2.) What company uses the stock ticker symbol T?

3.) What company uses the stock ticker symbol F?

4.) A sawsbuck equals how much money?

5.) What country produces the most oil as of July 2012 (10.25 million bbl/day)?

6.) What does the lowercase “℮” mark mean on certain products’ packaging?

7.) A forerunner of what common product went by the name Allcock’s Porous Plaster?

8.) William Randolph Hearst pioneered what business?

9.) What ranks as the world’s biggest cash crop after oil?

10.) What name belongs to both a fruit and the currency of Haiti?

11.) Amounts on the banknotes in what country – one of the world’s ten largest – come in 17 different official languages?

12.) According to its earliest ads, 0.56% of what product consists of carbonates, mineral matter and uncombined alkali?

13.) What container made of staves comprises a standard dry measure for most produce, yet measures smaller for cranberries?

14.) Banks get new money from two treasury bureaus.  Coins come from the U.S. Mint; what bureau provides bills?

15.) Still in business today, GM acquired what automobile brand on May 2nd, 1918?

16.) What brand owns the website sauce.com?

17.) Grand larceny refers to the theft of amounts exceeding what value in New York State?

18.) What animal features in the logo for Qantas?

19.) What brand of chain restaurants uses the slogan “Come hungry. Leave happy.”?

20.) A police mug shot of what famous American featured in a computer software ad in Germany?

1.) 3M
2.) AT&T
3.) Ford Motor company
4.) $10.00 USD
5.) Russia
6.) estimated
7.) Band-Aids
8.) newspaper publication
9.) coffee
10.) gourd
11.) India
12.) Ivory soap
13.) barrel
14.) U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
15.) Chevrolet
16.) Knorr (as of January 2016; the answer was Ragu in May 2013)
17.) $1,000
18.) kangaroo
19.) IHOP
20.) Bill Gates

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