1.) Each airport features a three-letter identifying code. All cities whose names begin with “N” may not have a three-letter code beginning with “N”; why?

2.) LEGO originated in what country?

3.) License plates from what U.S. state read “Native America”?

4.) The Running of the Bulls comprise how many bulls and steers?

5.) Which one of these mattresses measures wider: king-size or California king-size?

6.) Malcolm X had what last name?

7.) What country produced more Miss Universe winners than any other?

8.) Thieves steal 80,000 what in Amsterdam annually and toss 25,000 in the canals?

9.) What type of hobbyist would have examples in their collection called “The Barber”, “St. Gaudens” and “Walking Liberty”?

10.) What word represents the red, highest level on the Homeland Security Advisory System?

11.) The primary motto for what international service organization founded in 1905 reads “Service Above Self”?

12.) Sweden uses what two-letter national abbreviation?

13.) Sailors relied on what – also known as octants – to find their way in years past?

14.) What French designer – whose perfume range includes J’adore – once inherited a fertilizer fortune?

15.) What three words constitute the motto for the FBI?

16.) Authorities change the nighttime lighting of what ancient Roman building from white to gold whenever anyone in the world dies via the death penalty?

17.) Sumptuary law dictates that Venetian gondolas should be what color?

18.) What U.S. state designated the sperm whale as its state animal in 1975?

19.) What American won the title “Champion Aviator of the World” in 1909 at the first organized international air meet ever held?

20.) The National Association of Storm Chasers and Spotters began in what decade?

1.) “N” sees exclusive use in naval base identifying codes
2.) Denmark
3.) Oklahoma
4.) 12 bulls and steers
5.) king-size
6.) Little
7.) Venezuela
8.) bicycles
9.) a numismatist/coin collector
10.) severe
11.) Rotary International
12.) SE
13.) cardinal wind directions
14.) Christian Dior
15.) Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity
16.) the Colosseum
17.) black
18.) Connecticut
19.) Glenn Curtiss
20.) the 1990s

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